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Lena family Enjoy winter, Seoul, 2021

Among 200 countries in the world now, few countries like Singapore and Saipan can travel around Korea blessed by Travel Buble agreement (Vaccinated Travel Lane) between the countries.
Lena's Family from Singapore came Korea to enjoy the winter of Korea which is holding coldest weather in 41 years.
Even though her family has to face the nuisance taking 4~5 PCR test during the
tour time, they enjoyed Christmas Dinner at Namsan tower, the snow of Seorak mountain
Grand scale, Gyeongbokgung Royal palace Changing Guard ceremony, Noryangjin seafood market, Bukcheon Hanok village,
Morning calm garden lights festival, and shopping.
Above all, they say, they had happiest time
because they didn't skip the family travel
Planned long time ago due to COVID 19.

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