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When you want to operate at the highest level of an industry you have to measure up to the highest  standards in every aspect, also in the organizational structure of the company. What made the difference was the combination of a high performing touring team with a competent  back-office operations team. Here's our management team and their positions within Driving Guide Tours:
Brian Lee

As the founder, it can be said that Driving Guide Tours is a reflection of Brian’s vision. He prides himself that it was due to his philosophy and confidence that things are going right. His dream is to make this organization positioned as wish list of top college graduates

Paul Lee

As English guide leader, he has more than 7 years experience in this industry. His English has been improved while his army duty service in the U.S. army . I have never seen any client who dissatisfied with his service.

Phoenix Kim

As a Japanese guide Leader, he has more than 10 years experience in this industry. His has been lived in Japan for 8 years . He has been run his own company for trading and tourism company in Japan which is one of our most valuable asset.

Springday Kim

As a Chinese guide Leader, he has more than 8 years experience in this industry. His has been lived in China for 6 years . He has experience working tourism company in China became our uncountable asset now.

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